I dare you to code like a Spaghetti Monster

Simply the best tactic to avoid coding like an Italian pasta guy!

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Pair Programming as a First Aid

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Remote Work is Good?

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Rank It Till You Make It!

In times of Corona, remote work determines the everyday life of numerous developers. To make the best use of their mental energy under these circumstances, it is wise to prioritize. That means spending more energy on decisions that really matter. For example, decide how to design the architecture or to test an additional feature. Spend less energy on less important decisions you face every day.


Every decision, may it as little as answering an email directly or later, will drain your energy resources and let you hit the threshold of Decision Fatigue faster. However, through regular communication, mindful work, and the wise use of your mental energy, this problem can be reduced to a minimum. Thus, consistent and correct decisions ultimately shape clean, traceable, and robust code.

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