Hands off for .net Developers! I was impressed by the new MacBooks and got one M1 MBP. The difference was huge, the speed, like my first 16Mbit internet connection. Almost no lag. But once I wanted to code on my applications and projects, it hit me like a train. Debugging with .Net is not supported. Yes, you are able to compile and to develop, but debugging fails after the first breakpoint. .Net made a major release in November and won't do another soon. Looking at their roadmap, M1 Debugging support might be coming in Nov 2021. Sources: My own experience, JetBrains-Blog, GitHub-Issue, Revealing Intention to do it with LTS version .Net 6.0

There is hope, that they virtualize it all with the emulation tool of Rosetta2. But that seems to me like a goodwill promise. I think they got other more important tasks to work on if you look in the issue list & roadmap for.Net6.0.

Adventures instead of dull coding tutorials in Full Stack Web and C# Development. Diploma Engineer & Udemy Instructor: https://bit.ly/32qGFP1

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