Game Engines: Guide to pick the right!

How to develop a game step 1: take the right engine for your development

Made by the author Arnold Abraham

Unity — Mobile’s best choice

official unity logo, all rights reserved
Unity Game Hierarchy made by Arnold Abraham

Unreal Engine — Basement for many games

unreal engine official logo, all rights reserved

RPG Maker: 2D-RPGs

RPGMAKER logo, all rights reserved

YoYo GameMaker Studio: 2D-Games

YoYo Games official logo, all rights reserved

Godot — A hidden piece

Godot game engine logo, all rights reserved


It depends on you. If you want to create a game with the least amount of effort, take the RPGMaker, at least you want to create an RPG, everything else would not fit. Then comes in my opinion either the YOYOGames Engine or the Godot Game engine, where you have a low entry barrier. Having more control and make many coding parts by yourself take Unity. Unity provides several pre-configured and configurable components to help you with physics & lightning and much more. Want to make everything by yourself and you are an experienced developer, then you should take the Unreal Engine.

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