ELON MUSK IS a 21st century MONARCH.

If Elon turns the ship around, who do you think will be rewarded for it? Correct! Elon Musk, the non hard working employee.

Compare it to Medieval and all the wars. The King got the land, the money, the influence . The solders got almost nothing. Only a few lieutenants and generals were rewarded with castles and land to also increase the wealthyness of the king.

Elon-Musk returns to a shitty concept that simply does not work be effective.

They need only 2 things to perform best: Silence & Straightforwardness. A decent income is for many of us already enough, not all want to become rich.

Coding is a passion for the majority. The skill to awaken keyboard inputs into their own living creatures.

Besides... You wish to be a coder? But you have no clue at all what a coder needs to perform it's best. Hence you are convinced to know their best career opportunities?



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Arnold Abraham

German software engineer who helps aspiring coders to learn software development enjoyably where fun & emotions come first to learn on the fly 😉 arnoldcode.com