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Don't make such simple mistakes if you want to climb the ladder

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Without requirements or design, programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file. — Louis Srygley

Adding bugs are the keywords here. Bugs are the worst enemy of any developer, and the more bug-free code you can write, the easier it is for you to get a…

JavaScript’s strict mode isn’t always the profounded choice

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Strict Mode is Always better, isn’t it?

I have been wondering whether there is a reason not to use strict mode in JavaScript. When you hit up Google, you will be convinced pretty fast that this is an excellent option. Truly objective. But it isn’t. Most articles about strict mode…

No matter your experience, some of them will get you.

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1. Flaws With 'With'

The with statement gives you a shorthand for accessing the properties of an object.

But when you see the code, you will join the conflicting views on whether it should be used. Douglas Crockford doesn't like it. John Resig uncovers several clever uses for it in his book. …

Cover quirks that lead to logic errors but don’t throw an error

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The Switch-Statement seems to be easily understandable.

It ‘seems’ is the keyword. You need a few things to know about the switch statement to eliminate the silent errors. There is no data type conversion. Once there is a match, all expressions will be executed until the next break or return

Why willpower and discipline aren’t the reasons for failure

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You can’t apply a successive method when you don’t understand what holds you back.

Only two things are holding you back from moving along with your daily tasks. The first is procrastination, and it occurs whenever there is a big task ahead of you that makes you feel shattered. The…

These tricks are dozing in JavaScript since ES6

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How well do you know a language?

A valid question because I always discover new things in a language, even after years of working. Today is your lucky day. These gems can make your life worthwhile inside your company’s daily grind to become the best of your team.

Become a…

Oddities and secrets in JavaScript probably fewer people know

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JavaScript isn’t easy to grasp.

Often it does something completely different than you might expect. Undefined is a keyword… “I don’t think so, mister!”. This is just a preview of the knowledge you can gather and shine when you get asked about JavaScript. True experts know the details.

Many little…

You often violate the IOS-Principle which makes your code harder to test, unstable for changes, and not correct at all

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Instead of doing a good old refactoring, you’ve probably even made it worse.

Sometimes new challenges arise from refactoring in terms of applying a principle. In the case of the DRY principle, the challenge usually arises of having to deal with the IOSP (Integration Operation Segregation Principle) afterward. …

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