Adventures instead of dull tutorials in Full Stack Web and C# Development. Diploma Engineer, Freelancer & Founder of ArnoldCode Academy

Instead of wasting an entire year averagely

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You are an essential part of this equation, the resource you choose also plays a significant role.

It is undeniable that you are the one that puts effort into learning JavaScript. A couple of hours is the minimum you should bring almost every day, but you aren't the only one…

These pitfalls are going to be revealing for you

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Why intro? These pitfalls are already wasting enough time — Let’s go!

Tested and Validated in TS V. 4.4.4

1. You Hopefully Never See the Type “never”

Don’t build a type out of two different interfaces.

Stay safe with the & — operator but don’t use the | — operator or TypeScript will slap you with the type…

What techniques you can adopt from a Software Developer

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Two dates after work and you're distracted.

Whenever you are just really sunk in your task, your brain will remind you of the appointments after work. As a software developer and human being, I got you fully covered, during my 7 years of experience, I have covered such a wide…

Think like a developer and apply this mindset to any problem

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Solving problems follows a simple 3 steps guide.

Feeling stuck is only one way to say: I didn't make a plan and didn't know where to go next. Take a look at successful people: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, all of them had the goal to revolutionize the world…

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