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Adventures instead of dull tutorials in Full Stack Web and C# Development. Diploma Engineer, Freelancer & Founder of ArnoldCode Academy

Typescript saves a lot of development time, but is it worth an entire migrating process?

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I got you whenever there is a project that should be migrated to another language, your inner voice is shaking and screaming: NO GOD! PLEASE NO! …

What you should use and why const variables are not always constant

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A variable created with var seems identical to one with let? You've created a const variable, but the properties have been changed, huh? Are
var, let, and const still a mystery to you?

Before the birthday of ECMAScript6, var declarations ruled the world. There were issues associated with variables declared…

Learn Callbacks, Promises, and Async/Await in JavaScript

Easy Asynch on top of a map
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Why do you use JavaScript? Obviously, to make a website more flexible. But, sometimes, this form of flexibility is not enough for your needs.

In this situation, it makes sense to use the option of executing certain functions asynchronously. You might block yourself with the given code execution of a…

Of course, my friend, there are also programming conventions for JavaScript.

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Imagine your coffee machine won't serve you anymore due to a bug!

Household appliances, computers, and cars, nearly any technical equipment today has software components. The software fills all areas of life. So, it is reasonable that software must have a specific class.

The powerful GitOps concept accelerates development through automation

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According to Puppet’s “State of DevOps Report 2020,” more than 40 percent of advanced DevOps companies are already using the GitOps concept to enable “self-service development teams.”

The use of new approaches improves the efficiency of IT operations and accelerates processes. It is worth noting that the DevOps approach represents…

Decoupling services brings flexibility but requires new ways of API design.

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Optimize your web API by considering the CQRS patternCommand Query Responsibility Separation — to get a fast responding web application.

You simply divide the read operations (queries) and the write operations (commands) to access different parts of your backend or even different databases. …

Identify Services in your Architecture and Divide Them Correctly

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Whatever you code, whatever you do, a distributed architecture is a concert of many independent services.

Designing your application's services isn't an easy job. You have to think about technical aspects, responsibilities, possible overlaps, shared services, and more. …

And how to get clean

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Technical debt in software development is like smoking a cigarette; at first glance, it feels good, and you feel better, and all problems are gone.

Working in software development for quite a long time made me think about technical debt and why someone might provoke it. The answer is pretty…

Create wrappers to memoize preexisting functions

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Imagine you have to wait around 15 seconds to actually continue using your program because of a function that leads to heavy processing blocking all other execution.

Coding challenge websites like Leetcode, Hackerrank, and co are there for a specific reason. The Fibonacci series, for example, can take an enormous…

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