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Adventures instead of dull coding tutorials in Full Stack Web and C# Development. Diploma Engineer & Udemy Instructor:

SQL is an easy but boring topic, let me enlighten it with pirates & Videogames!

Get in touch with relational databases and brag about it!

The widest and narrowest Definition

The widest definition of a database can be taken as anything that collects and organizes data. A good example is a simple spreadsheet with data or a plain text file. Also a XML- or CSV-File is covered by this definition.

But we aren’t here for any wishy-washy definitions. We want to have a definition in a professional context. To be precise when talking about databases, especially the one called SQL, we talk about relational database management systems (RDBMS).

An RDBMS in terms of SQL is simply a database that holds one or more tables standing in a relation to each…

5 minutes to get down with regular expressions

Art made by Author with ❤

Why is there a need for such a beginner unfriendly topic?! Because you learn to validate and search text across all programming languages! That’s why!

Furthermore, you create validation patterns once and use them until infinity and beyond.

Although it is difficult to learn because the syntax looks like hieroglyphs in the Raiders of the Lost Ark, the true value lies in having this tool in your tool belt.

3-Minute Guide #07

JSON is the first choice for exchanging data in JavaScript

Illustration made by Author with ❤️

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, and this is no coincidence as three conspiracy theorists walk into a bar.

JSON is originally a subset of JavaScript (1999) and this close relation to the language makes it a perfect accomplice when you are about to transfer data from a server to a client and vice versa.

Besides, JSON is easily readable by humans. The creation process isn’t as tedious as XML, and the processing of that architecture is also pretty simple.

If I didn't sell you JSON like a 2nd class car dealer, please have a seat and compare the inner…

Great code starts with you and ends with having more time to code your darling

Made by the author with ❤

Looking at variable names like double penetration or case closed are funny but not a real-life banger. What tends to be more realistic are names like toBoolOrNotToBool(). Haha, no! What really drives me crazy and every other developer around the globe are names like:

Look at all those names. This is one of my earliest scripts back from 2015. So I was no exclusion from this rule! Look how messy it is and I bet my a** you haven’t even finished reading the longer names!

This article will give you essential tips about naming your functions precisely and as…

Typescript saves a lot of development time, but is it worth an entire migrating process?

I got you whenever there is a project that should be migrated to another language, your inner voice is shaking and screaming: NO GOD! PLEASE NO!
It doesn’t care if you are at work and you have to do it, since coding is your job or you are struggling with this decision for months, but your private project would be a better one after the migration.

TypeScript is powerful and saves you a lot of time and frustrating debugging sessions. For large projects, you need…

Use 10 Unknown Commands to get the best Console Statements

As a JavaScript developer and I am myself one of them, console.log is the built-in debugger of JavaScript. I use it pretty often to verify my own code and you should do it, too. There is nothing wrong with doing it this way!

But you can bring your debugging game to the next level and save a lot of time and stress using the provided, mostly unknown, features of console.log.

1. Inception — Console.log(console)

So you run console.log to debug something, bring console.log(console) in your coding game to get more information than you ever will need.

CCA Episode 2 — Roles in Software-Development — Attack of the Clones

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

Architectural roles

To get you a fast introduction here: If you think the team of developers comprises a bunch of coders, then you are wrong! Therefore, it doesn’t matter which agile framework you are using or if you still stick to the outdated waterfall system.

If you develop a web app, there are different roles than developing firmware or a desktop application that works offline. Therefore, a deep understanding of the roles inside a development team means to know the diverse and inventive roles as the architectures are the roles of the developers involved:

  • Solution Architect
  • Cloud Architect
  • System Architect
  • Enterprise Architect

Composite Component Architecture: Episode 1 — Software Architecture — The Phantom Menace

Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

So this question always comes up, and I will give my answer at the end of this article. I suggest you answer the question yourself before continuing to read the article. You see that it is difficult to define this term in a comprehensible manner.

The architecture of an application is the structuring of the entire software system. This is to be structured together with a set of rules according to which the software system must be implemented. Such a set of rules guarantees that the conformity to qualitative aspects will drive the project to long-term success. …

Typescript: Validate your JavaScript code ahead of time!

Javascript is a dynamic language that has the ability to make crazy things. One outstanding example is to reference what doesn't exist. In other words: Work with objects of unknown shape.

I would like to see how Bud Spencer executes the enemy like in the gif below with the famous Pigeon Punch and JavaScript seems to have no problem with that. What could go wrong?

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