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Adventures instead of dull tutorials in Full Stack Web and C# Development. Diploma Engineer, Freelancer & Founder of ArnoldCode Academy

Typescript saves a lot of development time, but is it worth an entire migrating process?

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I got you whenever there is a project that should be migrated to another language, your inner voice is shaking and screaming: NO GOD! PLEASE NO!
It doesn’t care if you are at work and you have to do it, since coding is your job or you are struggling with this decision for months, but your private project would be a better one after the migration.

TypeScript is powerful and saves you a lot of time and frustrating debugging sessions. For large projects, you need a good reason to stay on JavaScript instead of migrating to Typescript. But exactly for…

And how you can stand tall against these flaws

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Don’t be fooled by the lies. JavaScript is an uphill battle. You have to put in time, effort, and monumental resilience to push past its harsh inner circle gates.

Starting JavaScript is easy, but you can only build something of true value once you've passed the gates.

Therefore, it is worth it. This language is powerful and flexible. Ultimately, it brings you a lot of money. It is a monumental anchor of the internet and will defend this position for a long time. So learning it is of long-term value for you and those who depend on you.

1. Even An Idiot Can Use It

JavaScript is…

I wouldn’t recommend using it

GitHub Copilot logo with red mark
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“Your AI pair programmer.” Get suggestions on what you can code, and even entire function bodies are generated just from what you have entered as a function header.

At first, your opinion might be “Wow, that's amazing! Next-level coding is finally here.”

And I have to admit: At first, I was also amazed by this tool.

But looking behind the scenes was similar to unfolding a conspiracy theory. I dug into the way it works, read the FAQ, and found more and more that suggests this is not a good tool.

How It Works

Skip this if you are already familiar with GitHub…

Scrum sprints heavily focus on one lacking aspect

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What defines a Scrum sprint? Is it the fixed duration? The pauseless succession? The amount of work you can put into one increment?

In principle, the benefit of sprints lies in focused synchronous communication to deal with ambiguity. Dealing with means variable sprint lengths and cooldown phases.

This should be applied and interpreted according to the situation, not stiffly.

This is what living agility looks like to me, but your team does not live this principle. Instead, you and your team hope to have a non-decreasing quality by applying the same parameters repeatedly.

You’ve already understood that software development is…

The answer if FP wins over OOP and when this will happen.

Picture from DEV Community, asked by Allan MacGregor

During the last years, I had many touches with functional programming. I started programming in an imperative way in C and later switched to object-oriented programming in Java and C#.

Over the last years, functional programming gained popularity and moved partly into languages like C#, JavaScript, and therefore also usable in TypeScript. Two popular frontend frameworks Angular (with the help of NgRx) and React.js live the functional dream of programming.

Since many major languages have these functionalities and are originally based on the OOP approach, two questions came to my mind:

Is functional programming the future?

And if so, why…

With remarkable metaphors and scary-ass examples.

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When you start learning to program, you are occupied learning the fundamentals. Keywords, variables, control statements, loops are important but not as much as learning how to convert real-life problems into code solutions.

This is a process every developer has to go through. My personal process started back in 2015 with C#.

Besides the mentioned obstacles, everyone must understand two programming paradigms: Imperative Programming and Declarative programming. Otherwise, you are just turning problems into code problems.

It might happen to you that you used both without knowing them exactly. Don’t feel ashamed by it. …

Memoize Currying with Lodash & Ramda with functional JavaScript

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I experienced Redux when I entered a team with three sophisticated software engineers. Their task was to traverse a desktop application to Angular2+. Of course, there were a few problems back then. Among other things, the data synchronization for the entire application.

They haven’t used the Redux state management yet, and I was new to the team. The best learning opportunity. I love learning! So I dug deep into the topic, and we refactored the application using NgRx.

The principles of functional programming can be used without Angular and NgRx. Instead, there are several other frameworks for plain old JavaScript…

And How These 3 Famous TV Shows Make You Write Excellent JavaScript Code

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JavaScript used to be an annoying tool for frontend jerks. People created applications to Rick Roll you.

Video by Official Rick Astley

Looking at it from today’s perspective and the evolution can be described as quite good. It's 2021, and sticking to a legacy coding style will result in code flaws and problems. Instead, I tell you what to do with examples from my favorite shows like Two and a Half Men, Archer, and BoJack Horseman.

1. The Hammer of Async Await

Did you ever work with promises without chaining up your resolvers?

Hard to believe you’d never done it. Actually, waiting for different server responses…

Your awesome introduction to functional JavaScript accompanied by immer.Js and rxjs

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Is functional programming dead in JavaScript? Since the release of ES2015, the OOP standard is printed on the JavaScript banner. For me, for Frederico Kereki (Author: Mastering JavaScript Functional Programming), for John Hughes (Co-Founder of Haskell), and for a cult-like community, it isn’t.

The standardization of OOP in ECMAScript should not distract from the fact that functional programming has found a last refuge in the world of JavaScript.

JavaScript still has a multi-paradigm attitude, and there are many frameworks to be used with functional programming. Immer.js, LoDash, Ramda, and ultimately RxJS.

I worked for several years with NGRX, a framework…

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