3 Top Methods for High Salary

Be the car of their dreams and nightmares!

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What is a job interview about?

A job interview is not about your personality. Of course, it can be your chance to get the job of your dreams and therefore be a personal chance to you. But an employer doesn’t want to fungate as a charity organization. He/She intends to fill an open position with the best potential employee at the lowest probable annual salary.

You are being invited to the interview because your skillset might be good enough and now you have to be tested on your skills. You are selling your working skills and should work there, not spend your free time and hang out with the guys at the office. Your private personality is a bonus and can definitely make a difference when they have another attendee with a similar skillset as you. Once you understand this and see the negotiation about your wage as a decoupling of negotiating about you and your personality, you can accept your working skills are like an additional features price list of a car. They increase your annual salary. Imagine the metaphor: An average salary for a job is nothing more than buying a car at the least possible price from the catalog. If you want to buy extras, pay for them.

It is well known changing the workplace is the best way to increase the annual salary by 5–10%!

Having this in mind you can execute the following three tactics.

Annual Salary Increase Tactic 1: Compare

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Once you got invited to a job interview, you cannot chill until the day of the date. Get up and find out a lot of important information now! If you haven’t already. What information?

First, check the average annual salary in this industry and what are the annual salaries in the environment the company is located. You can find important information on LinkedIn, Xing, and other job portals. Also, labor unions got public collective agreements, check those out as well. Glassdoor could also be a good tip. Look into other job descriptions that are similar and once you hit up google, you will find enough sources to gather the information you’ll need.

Annual Salary Increase Tactic 2: Prepare for the negotiation

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Take the job description and seek through it like a minesweeper. Take every key functionality you should fulfill to get this job and put them into a table you are going to create. This table consists of 3 columns:

  1. Key Functionality
  2. My consistent performance
  3. Projects

Whereas the first column is pretty self-explanatory. The second one aims to make you aware of how much time you spend with this key functionality. When you were an agile master leading two teams of developers with the agile tools, then you got 2 years of experience in this key functionality. This column has to be quantifiable.

The third column is to strengthen your performance and to have extra arguments on that key functionality during the annual salary negotiation. You achieved milestones in this functionality or you were at least responsible for them! Don’t hide, show yourself and what you’ve accomplished so far!

Once you are through that process, you will have an extensive list of your competencies and strengths. With that, your pool of arguments for a salary above average is growing. Always remember: Who wants more than average, has to pay more than average. Your list is now a kind of “service folder” or “performance folder”. Some companies have those internally to rank their employees.

It is mandatory to take this list into the job interview and add new wishes or requirements that came up during the interview. Make sure you can fulfill them otherwise, don’t add them. It would be a downer to mention things you can’t handle instead of just having things on the list you can fulfill.

Before going on to the last tactic, consider your list of skills like a price list for extra features of a brand new car at the car dealership. The base price of a model is for example around 40 grand. Getting the extras is way more expensive and without paying them, you won’t get them. Want the big navigation screen? Pay for it. Want the sunroof? Pay for it! Similar to your extras. Your base work costs 40 grand a year, getting extras and fulfilling more and more of the job descriptions key functionality costs extra! You should make a really good job by overthinking every task critically and not from the perspective of “Everything will be fine!”. Pay for it! Want me to bring myself in with ideas and solutions that will save the company thousands of dollars? You better buy the New-Employee-Innovations-Package!

Annual Salary Increase Tactic 3: Be the car!

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Now comes the exciting part! During the interview, convince your opposite that you are the car of his/her dreams! Make your skills palatable. Remember from the introduction. A job interview is a negotiation about what you can bring to the company and what is your price tag. It is a job interview, 90% of the time it is about the job or did you ever get paid to be a cool person around the office? Therefore, make yourself aware that this isn’t about you in the first place, but about your set of skills. Align with this tactic by what extras the new car owner can afford! You are the car!

For the hot phase of negotiation and someone has to drop a number, it is better for you that make the first step! Once you dropped a number, then this is the range of motion everybody will have for acting. At least if it is reasonable. Don’t come to a job interview, when they stated 50–60k a year in the job description and you drop 120k. That is not reasonable. What is reasonable, if they offer 50–60k and you are surely worth 65k, then you can start with 70k and they will have a hard time putting you down to their initial annual salary since you got all your arguments on your side and inside your performance folder.

And here is the next part, don’t offer them 70k. Offer them 69.700 because this brings up 2 psychological tricks to the table.

  1. 69.700 is close to 70k, but it seems to be much lower than 70k. It is a psychological trick to look smaller. Compare to your average supermarket situation, for the famous “ONLY 99 CENTS! Not even a DOLLAR!” — Moment.
  2. Most employers divide the annual salary into monthly payments to think about it in a more relational context. Divide 69.700 by 12 or even 13 inside your brain? The employer will have a hard time and won’t look stupid in front of you. You did beforehand, of course, and know exactly what’s this monthly.

Again, think about yourself as a car with additional features. When do you ever buy a car for an even number?

When you finally made everybody clear you are a car, they can buy with additional features and you convinced the rest of the interviewers that you are the car of their dreams and they want you with all of that what you can give. You should negotiate and avoid accepting the first offer or the “meet me halfway”-Black Eyed Peas thing. You want to use a technic, called “ankering”. I’ve got a book advice for you: Getting to yes. If your possible future employer thinks of a car dealership’s sale and doesn’t want to pay your earned wage do:

Take out your performance folder with all your strengths and the requirements and wishes that came up additionally in that interview and delete 1 item from the list and say: I can’t offer you the full package if you don’t want to pay for it. You do this until there are so many deleted items until the price is right!

After the first couple of items, your opposite will accommodate you. As this process goes on and you are about to delete many items and they accept it anyway, then this was definitive your first and last day there. I am pretty sure you don’t want to work there either.

The most important tactic

Never omit this rule!

Be polite and respectful in every situation!

Some last advice

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Do breaks during the conversation for negotiation. Especially when you got an offer from the opposite. Show signals you are critically thinking about the offer. To take it to the next step, open your notebook or your papers you got with you and write down what they have offered to you. Repeat it at least as loud as they can hear it and then think about it heavily while looking around the room. Show them that you aren’t satisfied with their offer. They will accommodate you.


Be aware of your worth and don’t be shy to present yourself. A job interview is like a car showroom. The ugly car in the last corner of the showroom will be there until they present it for the big summer sale, and then it also has to make customers willing to pay money for that. Don’t be that car. Be the Porsche in the center spot of the showroom. Make them look at you!

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