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Adventures instead of dull tutorials in Full Stack Web and C# Development. Diploma Engineer, Freelancer & Founder of ArnoldCode Academy

Typescript saves a lot of development time, but is it worth an entire migrating process?

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I got you whenever there is a project that should be migrated to another language, your inner voice is shaking and screaming: NO GOD! PLEASE NO!
It doesn’t care if you are at work and you have to do it, since coding is your job or you are struggling with this decision for months, but your private project would be a better one after the migration.

TypeScript is powerful and saves you a lot of time and frustrating debugging sessions. For large projects, you need a good reason to stay on JavaScript instead of migrating to Typescript. But exactly for…

Create wrappers to memoize preexisting functions

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Imagine you have to wait around 15 seconds to actually continue using your program because of a function that leads to heavy processing blocking all other execution.

Coding challenge websites like Leetcode, Hackerrank, and co are there for a specific reason. The Fibonacci series, for example, can take an enormous amount to calculate a single value. If you use recursion and work with intermediate results, you shouldn’t recalculate existing results repeatedly and have the Big O Notation in mind.

That’s unacceptable for you as a developer and especially the user, so you have to find a better way to memoize…

Software development can be done by anyone who is interested

Me at JP-Performance GmbH in 2020

Hi, I am Arnold Abraham!

Whenever I tell people that I am a Software Engineer, they are always amazed. If you examine my title picture, you are probably thinking the same. That’s because I don’t look like a typical stereotyped software engineer.

But my life is all about coding and doing fitness, writing articles/tutorials about coding, and bringing everybody interested to develop their own dream projects.

For me, software development made dreams come true.

Abandon My Academic Agree

And tests without altering existing code

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Using Higher-Order Functions (HOF) one can write code that is more declarative, flexible, and compact.

One rule of software development is to not touchy anything worky-worky. If you are about to enhance already existing functionality, you should design a wrapper class. But be aware that making such a class can bring up new problems such as inflexibility, side effects, and even constraints.

You should consider writing proper functional wrapping functions to get a clean wrapping function for higher code flexibility and better testing abilities.

Some Wrapping Use Cases

Wrapping a function means keeping the original one untouched. The already given code could affect other…

When I tell people I am a Software Engineer, they are always amazed…

Diploma Engineer Arnold Abraham

… and that's because I don’t look like a typical stereotyped software engineer. I am muscular, not shy, entertaining, and extroverted. I guess at least one of these attributes also applies to you.

Many girls said to me: “You are too beautiful to hide in front of a monitor.” — WTF? I guess then I’ll have to hit the gym even harder until I get wider than my 38" screen.

Once I had a meeting with a CEO of a company specializing in job applications. He proved…

Substitute almost anything with the reduce-method

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Logical Higher-Order Functions are a great tool to make your code way shorter and get things done in a single line of code.

Whenever you decide to work with arrays and have the task of filtering or searching through, you can possibly work fine with the classical higher-order functions like filter, map find, etc. But did you know that you can reduce multiple calls of them with the reduce method? When you start using it, you will get the results corresponding to the whole set of values. …

With the use of Higher-Order Functions

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Your ability to code is great, but the strength to write excellent code is your ultimate mastery. The quality of source code does not lie in the amount you can write.

Imagine you can reduce an entire loop to just a single line. That would be way shorter and more time-efficient. Besides that, this code becomes concise instead of being a cryptic wallpaper of ancient Egypt. Last but not least, what about better readability?

If you are anti-social, that’s okay because then only you have to comprehend your code afterward — win, win. Point for me!

To get there, you…

Make your functions apply the rules of purity

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Functional Programming is great. No doubt. But what if you were about to go full nuts and get rid of all kinds of side effects. What will you end up with? A program that can only work with hardcoded inputs. GREAT!

Besides that, most web pages would be useless. Call web services, update the DOM, or reacting to users' input is stated as a side effect. Static pages as in the ’90s would then come back. Not to mention that server-side code written with Node would be useless.

What should you do? Abandon FP for JavaScript? Write impure functions?


With C/C++ and C#, you walk the extra mile but be rewarded later.

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Do you remember your first day in school? Your first kiss? Your first sexy time? I bet you do.

The First Cut Is The Deepest - Rod Stewart

The more you have to grasp and the more you have to learn from scratch, the easier you will remember those cuts.

I profited years after I had learned C and C# from my knowledge by understanding the concepts of different languages faster. Also, the technical part behind coding in C led to major knowledge about computer science. …

Arnold Abraham

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